The Value of Work Monitor aims to map the value(s) and valuation of work among the Dutch population in relation to the organizational and institutional context.

Important themes are: value(s) regarding paid and unpaid work; quality of work; the role of institutions in the field of work and income; social participation; time use; characteristics of the (work) organisation and background characteristics of the respondent.

Short description

Target population: Dutch population aged 18 to 70, (potential) working population. Specific target groups in terms of labour market position (in particular workers with a flexible contract and the self-employed) have been oversampled in order to have sufficient numbers of respondents to be able to report separately on these groups.

Type of research: survey

Sample unit: persons

Sample source: I&O Research Panel

Method of data collection: CAWI

Client: Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies-Hugo Sinzheimer Instituut (AIAS-HSI)/ University of Amsterdam

Fieldwork: I&O research (2019-)

Frequency: From 2019 onwards every odd year

Fieldwork period:  Spring

Weighting: Weighting factor by age, education and gender (and labour market position)

NN: about 3500-4000 respondents