The Value of Work project provides (scientific) knowledge about the value and quality of work and contributes to well-informed policymaking of various stakeholders (employer organisations, trade unions, the government (central government and municipalities), public administration organizations (such as UWV), interest groups of clients and professionals, educational institutions, political parties, research institutes). In our research plans we detail what type of knowledge and insights can be expected from the project team over a period of approximately 2 years.

In recent years, many social actors have focused on the future of work and the value of work: all have noted that the nature of the labour market is changing, that this offers opportunities on the one hand, but also brings new challenges and risks with it. And that they must find an answer to the question of how best to respond to this. The Value of Work project offers various stakeholders important tools to determine their position in this field.

The researchers are affiliated with the University of Amsterdam/AIAS-HSI, which conducts research on a scientific basis. Independence, quality and reliability are core values in our research. We work in accordance with the Dutch code of conduct for scientific integrity.

We conduct both quantitative and qualitative research, and use (innovative) research methods that help us to explore, deepen and explain scientific and social issues. In our work we are supported by our department’s ethics committee, monitoring the (fundamental) research ethical and scientific quality of the research with us. In addition, we maintain regular contact with academics and social organisations, amongst others via the projects sounding board. The sounding board, including a wide range of stakeholders, plays an important role in monitoring scientific and social relevance and in the dissemination of results.