The research is being conducted by prof. dr. Paul de Beer and dr. Wieteke Conen of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies-Hugo Sinzheimer Institute (AIAS-HSI) of the University of Amsterdam.
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Prof. dr. P.T. (Paul) de Beer

Prof. dr. Paul de Beer studied econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and obtained his doctorate in 2001 at the University of Amsterdam with his thesis ‘On working in post-industrial society’. He worked successively at the Wiardi Beckman Foundation (1982-1993), the Social and Cultural Planning Office (1993-2001), the Scientific Council for Government Policy (2001-2003) and at AIAS, later AIAS-HSI (2003-present). He is also scientific director of the Scientific Bureau for the Trade Union Movement, De Burcht.

He specializes in research in the fields of labour and income, the welfare state, solidarity and industrial relations. He is project leader of the Value of Work research project.
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Dr. W.S. (Wieteke) Conen

Dr. Wieteke Conen studied Economics at Utrecht University (specialization: Labour and Organisation). She obtained her doctorate at Utrecht University in 2013 for a study on employers attitudes and behaviour towards the recruitment and retention of older workers. After that, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher on the project ‘self-employed without personnel: between freedom and insecurity’.

Since 2017, Wieteke has been a researcher at AIAS-HSI/ University of Amsterdam. Since 2017, she has been co-responsible for the Value of Work research project. She is also involved in other research projects, such as ‘Hidden poverty’ and ‘Self-employed in times of crisis’.